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The following are mock campaigns and posts for the Access Fund. All posts are entirely fictional.

Logos used with permission from Access Fund.

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Meta Title: The Beta on Climbing during COVID-19 | Access Fund (50 characters)

Meta description: Climbing areas are reopening around the country. Here are five tips to help guide us at the crag in this age of COVID-19 (120 characters)

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Image alt text: A rock climber halfway up a route in Red Rock, Nevada.

Long tail keywords: rock climbing during covid-19

Meta title: How to Take Climbing Photos | Access Fund (41 characters)

Meta description: Here are five easy tips to get better photos of your friends the next time you head out to the crag. (100 characters)

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Image alt text: A rock climber in Alabama Hills, CA climbs up a face as a dog looks on from below.

Long tail keywords: how to take better rock climbing photos

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